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 Mark Lvov 19.09.2008.

 On 15th September 2008 a big group of Russian advocates and protectors brought an action to institute criminal proceedings against Ex-president V. Putin and ruling President of the Russian Federation (RF) D. Medvedev to the U.N.O. (United Nations Organisation), the Hague Tribunal (International Criminal Tribunal), the International Criminal Court for Grigoriy Grabovoy’s criminal prosecution. One of the initiators of this appeal is Mikhail Trepashkin, the famous lawyer, nominated by European Parliament for A. D. Sakharov’s Prize. He commented his decision in the interview given to the Russian service “Voice of America”.


Mark Lvov: Why have you decided to appeal at once to such a serious    International high instances?

Mikhail Trepashkin: Russia as the assign of the USSR is the participant of Helsinki agreements. According to these agreements human rights can’t be the internal affair of the state.

I consider that in modern Russia the offence against legislation has reached such a high level that it’s necessary to appeal to the International instations. In my opinion neither Supreme Court, nor the Prosecutor General’s Office or Committee of Inquiry react upon numerous facts of violation of lawful human rights of the Russian citizens. And it’s impossible to understand at all what the Commissioner for Human Rights Vladimir Lukin is doing today…It means that it’s necessary to attract attention of the International Community to this problem. I know that the signatures in Grigoriy Grabovoy’s support are also being collected in Ukraine, the Baltic States, and the USA.

M.L.: But why have the advocates chosen such a so-called odious personality? After all, the press accounts informed that Grigoriy Grabovoy even had promised “to resurrect the killed children of Beslan”.

M.T.: I as well as my other compatriots “was zombied” by mass media and for a long time I have considered that Grabovoy is the swindler who had met his deserts.

I was almost dragged by one of my friend and colleague to study this criminal case. And I admit that I undertook to have a look at the accusatory conclusion having no wish to do that. And saw total lawlessness there…  

Firstly, the organization of the criminal group was laid to Grigoriy Grabovoy’s charge. We started to clear up: who other members of the group were? But it turned out that they hadn’t been found and identified. Then we continued to search: it seems there were people who supposedly Grabovoy had been committing the crime with. But the criminal cases towards them had been closed … in accordance with the absence of the corpus delicti. So why is the person being given to the max for the creation of the organised group? 

Secondly, among the accessories of the group there is an entrepreneur without the legal person’s education. That is the civil and lawful relations appear. After all, not Grabovoy took the money from the people visited his seminars and lectures, the tickets were sold by the commercial organisation. So why wasn’t the case pleaded in the civil legal proceedings as it must be if the clients don’t agree with the offered service?

Thirdly, Grabovoy is being imputed the swindle under Articles 159, part 4 of the Criminal Code of the RF. But the Article 4 was implemented only at the end of the year 2008, after the supposedly committed crime by Grabovoy. According to the Constitution in Russia it’s forbidden to use the law which wasn’t passed at the moment of committing a crime.

I named only a few examples of the unlawful actions towards this Man. In fact there are far more than these. In which connection I’ll say at once that I don’t share Grabovoy’s theories and conceptions. They are as a matter of fact far beyond of the legal proceedings. But I know that famous Russian scientists, academicians have advocated this person.

M.L.: Well, what is to be done with the prosecution that Grabovoy blasphemously promised “to resurrect the children of Beslan”?

M. T.: This charge has been fabricated!  This is the slander on the all-Russian scale. Grabovoy himself and his representatives have never been in Beslan and they have never given such promises. This was also confirmed by the leader of the Committee “Mothers of Beslan” Susanna Dudieva. At the same time it’s well-known that Grigoriy Grabovoy critically expressed his opinion about the actions of the Russian authorities and government during the setting free of the hostages of Beslan. And our authorities don’t forgive those people who dispute the official versions of the terrorists’ acts on Dubrovka, in Beslan, explosions of the buildings in Moscow…

And there is one more nonrandom coincidence. The criminal case against Grigoriy Grabovoy was taken to institute proceedings (although two months before Moscow Office of Public Prosecutor had refused to institute the same proceedings) a few days later when on 17th March 2006 Grabovoy declared about his intention to be a candidate to the position of president of the country in 2008 at the Constituent Congress of the new political party. We don’t have direct evidences that the case was brought into action by personal instructions of the Head of the State (at that time) Vladimir Putin. But there are serious reasons to consider that exactly the highest Russian power was interested in Grabovoy’s isolation from the society.

M.L.: Mikhail, and do you seriously expect that, for example, the U.N.O. will take action on advocates’ appeal?

M.T.: In our country when a person says he is going to appeal to the U.N.O. to put it mildly he is laughed at. However, in spite of this widespread opinion being in prison I wrote personally to Secretary General of the U.N.O. Ban Ki-moon. And that letter had resonance even long after: recently I’ve received a letter from the European Committee on Human Rights. I’m offered to make a speech at the hearings of cases, tell about my unjustified prosecution from the direction of the state for freedom of speech. As a result of these hearings a bill must be work out and it can be adopted in two states (at the moment I don’t want to tell in which countries), then it will be under consideration in the U.N.O.

I’m sure that if today we don’t react upon the situation in Russia, the situation with human rights will become worse and worse.






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